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Library Hours:
Sunday 9:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Sunday 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday 6:45 PM to 7:00 PM

Location: The library is on the main floor of the Phil Kissinger building.

Purpose: The library exists to provide materials for the use of the staff, members of the church, students of the academy and those being home schooled for edification, instruction, and information.

Welcome to the Emmanuel Baptist Church and Heritage Christian Academy

Virtual Library Resource Section

Additions and updates are made to this virtual library on a periodic basis to expand the selection of articles available and to improve the presentation of existing articles for the reader. Note the new link for "Audio from Text". This new addition allows you to listen to the book and to read along with it if you wish. The "New Additions" link will take you to the page with the most recent changes. All titles will adjust to any screen width so you will not have to scroll to the left or right to read it. All titles will display properly on your device whether you are using a computer, tablet or "Smart Phone".

It is our desire that you find here a source of edification and an aid to your spiritual growth as you seek a closer walk with our Saviour Jesus Christ. The writings that are made available through this web site are to our knowledge in the public domain in the United States of America and may be quoted and copied without copyright restrictions in the United States of America with the exception of the books by Ed Dunlop and the articles by Dr. David Ryser who have given us permission to post them. The books by Ed Dunlop are copyrighted and are provided with his permission for you to download for your personal use.

The html pages used to display all the material contained on this website are the intellectual property of Emmanuel Baptist Church. The materials placed here are to aid in the spiritual and/or academic ministries of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Heritage Christian Academy and anyone else who may find them a blessing.

The works of G.A. Henty and others are placed here to provide quality character building reading selections for school age children. We do not support anything in any writings that are contrary to the Scriptures. However, there may be certain writings because of historic or academic reasons included in the selection made available that fall short of this standard. It is therefore very important that, as in all things, you read these writings with a discerning heart. Please read the What We Believe page to have a clear understanding of the scriptural principles we embrace. We hope you will find these writings informative, instructive and enjoyable.

If you find a link on one of the web pages that is not working properly, please forward the information to loych.thomas@yahoo.com so it can be corrected. Also, if you have suggestions on improvements that we can make feel free to share them at the same email address.